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We have reviewed and updated our frequently asked questions, many of them are included within the relevant section of the website, however here you will find some of the more frequent questions we receive.


with excessive traffic on the roads through bakewell and other villages, how do you see the line helping with this issue?

The line will offer an alternative to using road transport, particularly private cars and heavy goods vehicles.


Integration at stations with other forms of transport will ensure a seamless end to end journey that reduces road traffic.

what exactly is different now to when the scott wilson study was concluded in 2004?




Rail passenger numbers are far higher than when the last study was completed.


Road freight traffic is also significantly higher, plus there is generally more public concern for the impact of climate change from road vehicles. 

will the stations have car parks, be accessible and compliant for blue badge users?




The car parks are managed by various organisations currently.


Our approach is to work with all the relevant bodies to deliver integrated, multi-user transport plans for stations to enable access to and from other forms of transport.



It is too early to say at this stage. However, even if the trains were diesel powered, they would still provide significant environmental benefits over the use of road vehicles.


A passenger train could remove up to 350 cars off the roads and one freight train is the equivalent to 76 heavy goods vehicles.



Fares will be based upon whatever fares structure is in place nationally when the route is opened.


Currently a national review is ongoing to simplify the fares structure across all operators, but the output of that is not currently known.




It is too early to say at this stage.


We are seeing an increase in 'open access' operators, who do not rely on a subsidy, and they may be a viable option in the future.


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