The Peaks and Dales Line

Sustainable integrated transport - connecting local, regional and national communities


The Peaks and Dales Line is the name given to our proposals for reopening the former Midland Mainline that would enable the return of a regular, direct Manchester to Derby service via Buxton, Bakewell and Matlock service for the first time since closure in 1968.


We are continuing to develop the first stage feasibility study with support from the Department for Transport (DfT), with a unique approach to rail reinstatement that we hope could become a new, more cost effective way of delivering such schemes nationally.


We submitted several sections of the intial feasibility study to DfT for review in April 2024 and are working on the remaining sections.



The Railway


By reinstating and upgrading around 36 miles of the original route, our proposals deliver a direct railway connection between Manchester and Derby for the first time since 1968, providing national, regional and much needed connectivity for the local communities along the route.


The reopened railway would provide vital community connectivity as well as sustainably providing access to the National Park.



Approval for the Monsal Trail was linked to safeguarding the route for the possible future reinstatement of the railway.


Planning consents require a replacement trail to be constructed within the National Park as part of the reinstatement of the railway.


We are working on proposals to create an enhanced trails and footpaths experience for visitors.



Sustainability and investing in biodiversity and the environment are at the heart of our proposals.


Given the number of visitors to the Peak District National Park each year, and the openly acknowledged 'unsustainable transport problem' created by around 95% of those Park visitors arriving by car, this is a long-standing and ongoing situation that can only be resolved by having a multi-modal integrated transport solution that includes rail.


Re-opening the line provides a unique opportunity to deliver a sustainable transport solution, with significant carbon reduction potential through modal shift from road to rail, and investment in nature recovery networks along the route.

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